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Tax Law

The complex Greek legislative framework has transformed tax law into a special legal field of  significant importance for both corporations and individuals.

Our firm has leading experience in Greek tax legislation and strategic tax planning.

We can also provide highly competent services on a variety of related areas including:
  • Value Added tax
  • Income tax
  • Real estate property tax
  • Transfer tax
  • Capital concentration tax
  • Stamp duties
  • Inheritance tax
  • Application of double taxation treaties
  • Accounting books and data code
  • Inter-company arrangements and transfer pricing
  • Etc.(Every relative area)
Our firm is committed to offer counseling services for proposing legal solutions that minimize taxation cost and eliminate the risk of conflict with fiscal authorities.

In addition to advising on tax issues, we conduct litigation with the fiscal authorities before the First Instance, the Appellate Administrative Court, or ultimately before the Supreme Administrative Court.